Thela Style Mix Fruit Candy 230G

Introducing the Thela Style Mix Fruit Candy in a 230g pack, a delightful blend of fruity flavors in every bite. Inspired by traditional street-side vendors ("thela"), this candy captures the essence of nostalgia and taste. Each piece offers a burst of fruity goodness, combining the tanginess of oranges, sweetness of strawberries, and zing of lemons. Perfect for all ages, whether enjoyed on-the-go or shared with friends and family. Individually wrapped for freshness and convenience, this candy is a treat for your taste buds, promising a joyful snacking experience with every colorful and flavorful piece.

2.99 € 2.99 EUR 2.99 € VAT I​ncluded

2.99 € VAT I​ncluded

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