Navya Bombay Mixture 200G

Discover Navya Bombay Mixture 200g, a tantalizing blend of crunchy goodness that's perfect for snacking anytime, anywhere. Handpicked roasted peanuts, crispy chickpea noodles, and savory lentil sticks are meticulously seasoned with a blend of aromatic spices for an irresistible taste experience. Whether you crave a spicy crunch or a savory bite, Navya Bombay Mixture delivers satisfaction in every handful. Ideal for gatherings, movie nights, or a quick snack at work, this traditional Indian snack promises freshness and flavor in every pack. Elevate your snacking ritual with Navya Bombay Mixture and savor the essence of authentic Indian flavors.

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2.49 € VAT I​ncluded

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