Sofra Medjool Large Dates 900G

Discover Sofra Medjool Large Dates, a luxurious treat packed with natural sweetness and irresistible flavor. Handpicked from the finest Medjool date palms, each date is plump, moist, and bursting with caramel-like richness. Ideal for snacking or adding to recipes, these dates are a source of fiber and essential minerals, making them both delicious and nutritious. Perfect for indulging alone or sharing on special occasions, Sofra Medjool Large Dates promise a taste of pure delight in every bite. Treat yourself to the exquisite flavor of these premium dates, meticulously selected for their superior quality and taste.

14.99 € 14.99 EUR 14.99 € VAT I​ncluded

14.99 € VAT I​ncluded

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